Let’s Celebrate The Entrepreneur In All Of Us [Video]

I created this video because of my passion and love for all entrepreneurs. 

Created by: J. Scott MacMillan | September 19, 2016


Oh entrepreneur, how do you do it?  How can you face such fear and uncertainty each and every day and yet wake up, stare at all that uncertainty, and do it all over again.  Oh, entrepreneur why do you do it? There’s no evidence for you to hang your hat on, there’s no certainty you can bank on.  There’s  no beaten path to follow –  You’re on your own. For an entrepreneur,  it’s lonely at the bottom, middle and top of the ladder.  You’re it baby.  It’s your idea, your sweat, your savings, Tell me why, oh entrepreneur.  What made you do it?  What made you fight the good fight day in and day out?  What made you take on the world?

Oh, I get it now.  It’s love isn’t it?  You’re absolutely in love with your dream.  You’re head over heels over it aren’t you?  Well of course that makes sense now doesn’t it?   Why else would you pursue something so against the odds and so challenging?  Why else would you have the guts to face this challenge head on with no proof it will work out?  But that’s what we do when we’re in love right?  We lean into the uncertainty of it;  The vulnerability of it. We muster up our courage and dive in.  Sometimes it’s glorious, sometimes it’s rocky and hard.  But make no mistake, love, when pursued with passion and tenacity is what makes life worth living.Oh entrepreneur, that’s so sweet.  You’re in love.  It’s so obvious.  Congratulations, I”m really happy for you.  You deserve it, you’ve been waiting a long time for your dream to come true. You and dream belong together, I can see that now.  You’ll do great – No,  you’ll do even better, you’ll be happy and great.  Now, get out there and change the world!