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Will Creating An Online Course Help You Gain Authority?

Do you love helping people?  Are you  an author, speaker, life coach or entrepreneur trying to make money on your book or speaking gigs alone and are frustrated with your income?  Then you should take a look at the online course industry.  No other medium can get your message implanted in the hearts and souls of an audience like an online course, not to mention, gaining more authority and getting more out of their wallets.

By J. Scott MacMillan | July 4, 2015

No other medium can get your message implanted in the hearts and souls of an audience like an online course.








I can hear you now, “why me, why would anyone want to listen to me or buy and online course from me”? My answer is simple – Why Not You! Look, everything you can think of has already been thought of, documented and is available on the internet for free.  Did you know that  every minute Facebook has 2.4 Billion posts and that 277 thousand tweets happen every minute?  Venture to guess how many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  – 72,  and a lot of it is junk.  But there is no one else on the planet exactly like you and you have a perspective, a viewpoint and if you can articulate that view and get it out to the people in a visual and compelling way, you’re going to connect with someone who values and resonates with that view.  Next thing you know you have a customer.  And where there is one, on the internet, there are millions.

Create An Online Information Business With An Online Course

You can create a successful online information business based on your unique message by creating and online course and supporting information products and marketing and selling them on the internet.  We live in a world more connected, more educated and more aware of our neighbors, either down the block or across the globe, then at anytime in history.  With a click of a button you can communicate with more than 80% of the connected planet.  These technologies raise the quality of life for almost every person on the planet by providing education and instant communication. What does this mean for entrepreneurs?   For starters, more resources and technologies are available to get your message and products out to the masses, and they are amazingly cheap, if not free.  People, prospects and businesses can consume your online course on billions of computers, smartphones, tablets and even televisions. In no other time in history can anyone who has an idea, a message or a theory, get information out to the masses as easy.  The barrier to entry is extremely low which compels you to take advantage of this phenomena and shout your message to the world.

Online Course

E-Learning Industry Is Hot

As for the market potential, did you know the e-learning industry will generate revenues of $51.5 billion by 2016?  Ebook sales will reach $7.9 billion by 2016 and the trend just keeps going up.  So there’s a voracious appetite for online learning which makes it a great time to start create an online course. No other medium is as diverse and robust as online courses.  Not only can you appeal to structured learners that like to read to absorb information, you can also use graphics and video to appeal to visual and auditory learners all in the same delivery vehicle.  Video is another reason I advocate online courses.  No other media can deliver the learning experience like video.  It stimulates both hemispheres of the brain effecting both the hearing and sight senses.  Videos can also be very expressive and build on emotions which reinforces learning. One of the nice things about being an entrepreneur and creating an online information business is that you get to choose what’s in or out, not your boss or your stock holders or other investors.  You have the final word, it’s your business and your message. People will respond positively and want more and pay you for your knowledge or they won’t.  It’s up to you to do your research and put in the hard work necessary to make sure they like your stuff.   The chances of doing that are greater if you take the time to really understand your customers and find out what their pains are and then create online corses that teach them how to solve those pains.  That’s the key to creating a successful online information business. Stay tuned to this blog for more great information on creating, marketing and launching an online course that will turn your message into a publishing powerhouse.


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