Create High Quality Content And Information Products Using The Peel and Pull Method

When I first started creating information products I found it difficult to make money with them because I didn’t have an established social media platform or giant, targeted list.  I won’t deny, there are ways to successfully sell information products without a large list and social media fans, but it’s certainly easier with them.

So I decided I would start putting my efforts into creating my list and social media fan base which is typically called building a platform.  The whole idea of platform building  is to create quality content and give it away freely on your blog and social media in the hope that people will get to know, like and trust you enough to buy your information products.

Little did I realize how much content I would have to create to make this happen.  Although you can repurpose your blog posts to your social media sites, you still need to create a large amount of high quality blog post content… And I mean a LARGE amount.  Some experts say you need to post your own content at least twice a day or more.  That’s a lot of writing even for seasoned copy writers or authors.  As you know, the content you create needs to be high quality to convince someone to give you their email address or become a fan, so you can’t just slap together a post and call it good.

Structured Development Of Online Courses Provides High Quality Content

The issue I had was how to create the enormous amount of high quality content, that solved my readers pain points, and still left me with a few hours of sleep.  I realized the content I was creating for my online courses was high quality and solved my customers pains because I used a structured development method.

I started peeling off sections of my online course and adapting them for my blog posts and small information products. I realized that I had plenty of high quality content and started calling this the peel and pull method of content creation.  I can usually get 5-10 good blog posts, a lead magnet and a small information product out of one course depending on it’s size.  A lot of times I will turn the blog posts into videos and podcasts for even more high quality content.

Using the peel and pull method has given me plenty of great content to post to my platform and get people to know, like and trust me.

Using the peel and pull method has given me plenty of great content to post to my platform and get people to know, like and trust me


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