Hi, I’m J. Scott MacMillan best selling author and  leading expert in online training and education for over 20 years.  As an Instructional Designer for Fortune 100 companies, I  designed and delivered world class training programs to thousands of people in the technical space.  I’m also an accomplished internet marketing specialist using the latest tools and techniques, like video, email and social media marketing, to help businesses and individuals get customers to know, like and trust them.  I  am a featured speaker and instructor at various universities and events and currently reside in the Kansas City area.

Monetize Your Message is a system that I created from the mashup up of corporate training techniques and Internet Marketing concepts.  The system helps guide you through the analysis, creation, publishing and marketing of online courses that will transform your business into a publishing powerhouse.

I am passionate about helping heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners make big money and a big difference doing what they love in a business built around their life goals.

If you are an author, speaker, coach or an entrepreneur with a message, contact me and let’s get your message out there and help a lot people while building a business that supports the kind of life you want to live.